Graham & Green Care Guide

At Graham and Green we love interiors as much as you do, so to help keep your new purchase looking its best we’ve put together this handy guide showing you the easiest way to care for your G&G furniture.

Your furniture is as unique as you are

A large variety of our interiors pieces are lovingly handmade or finished by hand, often using naturally derived materials, meaning no two items are ever exactly the same, while a selection of our furniture and accessory items are purposely distressed for an authentic aesthetic.



Working with wood is one of our greatest passions. Every piece of timber we use is specially selected for its distinctive attributes, with varying grains, colour variations and naturally occurring cracks (depending on the type of wood) part of what makes your furniture special. Painted wood should not be exposed to harsh chemicals or cleaning products which can damage the finish, we find a warm damp cloth does the job perfectly, while items with a natural finish may need maintaining with wood oil to keep them fresh. Some of our paint finishes feature a cracked effect, but you can rest assured this is simply the paint and the wood underneath is in perfect condition. Wood can also contract and expand with changing room temperatures which may lead to paint cracking. This is unavoidable but please be assured the wood is not cracked.

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Metal Work & Silver

Items made from or finished with metal may tarnish over time but don’t worry, this is perfectly natural and adds to the aged beauty of metalwork items. Day to day handling may leave fingerprints and streaks, however marks such as these can simply be buffed away with a linen cloth and high grade metal polish, just clean with the same technique as you would glass or mirror. Please note, even regular cleaning can not prevent metal tarnishing, however this will give your item a lovely antiqued finish.

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Velvet & Upholstery

Sumptuously beautiful for upholstery and soft furnishings, we’re big fans of velvet and use metres of this luxurious fabric on a wide variety of our products. Due to the weave of the pile, velvet is malleable and can be prone to crushing. If this happens it can easily be rectified by steaming or brushing with a soft brush. For day to day care, simply vacuum or brush the fabric with a clothes brush to keep your upholstery looking at its very best.

If the worst happens and the fabric gets marked or stained, we recommend dry cleaning (it is always advisable to test any cleaning solution on a hidden area first). For extra peace of mind some of our sofas are scotch guarded, just contact our Customer Service Team on 01225 418 200 or at before you order. We also recommend giving cushions a good plump every now and again to maintain their shape.

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Cow Skins & Hides

Being a natural product, every cow skin and hide we sell varies in colour and texture. A gentle shake-and-vac type cleaning product is the best way to care for these items. As with all fabrics, it is always advisable to test any cleaning method on a hidden area first.

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A large selection of our rugs and runners are handwoven or hand finished, meaning each one is entirely unique. Many of our exotic rugs are sourced from the far corners of the globe, and after travelling such a long way, we suggest airing your rug before placing it in your home. In particular, wool or wool blend rugs may arrive with a faint smell but this will disappear in a short time. Should you spill anything on your rug, carefully blot away any excess liquid with a clean cloth or kitchen roll. If the rug has stained, try dabbing with a damp cloth but always test on a hidden area first to ensure the dyes are colour-fast. Some of our rugs may be dry cleaned, but if in doubt check with our Customer Service Team on 01225 418 200 or at first.

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Do not place a candle directly in front of any mirror as this can cause a mirror to crack.

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Over time, leather used on furniture items will naturally soften and age. This is perfectly natural and is a process we believe adds to the charm of this material. The best option for cleaning leather is using a dry cloth or soft brush (you can put the vacuum cleaner away for this one). For any spillages try dabbing with a lint free cloth as soon as possible, forgoing any harsh cleaning products.

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Bone Inlay

If you have purchased one of our signature bone inlay items, the best way to keep the piece looking at its finest is to simply clean using a lightly moist (almost dry) lint free cloth. Harsh cleaning products should never be used on these items. As with leather products, bone can dry out and colours may fade, but to protect and breath new life into your furniture, rub with a tiny dab of furniture wax on a soft, dry cloth.

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Marble is another natural material we love working with in our furniture designs and accessories. As with wood, each piece of marble we use is unique in its colour variations. It is these colour variations in the stone that give meaning to the term ‘marbled’ or ‘marbling’ and add to the individual look of your purchase. It is important to avoid using cleaners that contain acidic ingredients, such as lemon or vinegar, or oil based detergents on marble surfaces. Marble is a porous material and as such can scratch and stain easily.

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The beautiful colours used on our furniture and upholstery are something we take great pride in. The easiest way to keep them as fresh as the day they were painted or dyed is to ensure they are not exposed to direct sunlight, as this can cause bleaching over long periods of time. If you decide to use a cleaning solutions on your furniture or upholstery, please consult the care directions for that material and test on a hidden area first.

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Further Information

We hope you’ve found this guide helpful. If you have any questions regarding further care options for your purchase please do contact us on 01225 418 200, at or visit us in store.

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