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Wild and Whimsical | How to Craft a Homemade Spring Wreath

Wild and Whimsical | How to Craft a Homemade Spring Wreath

Now that the warmer months are in full swing, hedgerows and fields are bursting with a kaleidoscope of seasonal blooms. Whilst we love displaying pretty bunches in vases all around our home, nothing is quite as joyful as a wild and whimsical wreath that adorns our doors or dresses our tablescapes. We spoke to Isobel Watts, an expert florist from Wizz & Wild, who shares her tips for creating a stunning spring wreath at home.



To get started, gather up all the equipment you need and make sure you have ample space to get creative. Clear the dining table, or if it’s a warm sunny day, why not take your operation station outside? The beauty of the natural world around you is sure to ignite a boost of inspiration. You’ll need to source a few pieces of equipment beforehand, but all are easy to obtain: a circular wire or willow wreath base, scissors, reel wire or twine, moss, moss pins, and an abundance of spring flowers and foliage.


The spring months are fantastic for foraging wild hedgerow treasure (with permission from the landowner of course). Head out into the countryside with a wicker basket to hand so you can collect as much foliage as possible for your wreath. Look out for spring florals such as tulips, cuckoo flowers, primrose and daisies – not only beautiful, they also grow in abundance across the UK. So if you can’t spot any when out amongst the fields, they’re easy to purchase from a local florist too. Wild cows’ parsley and apple blossom make for the perfect natural, fresh stems to bulk out your wreath.



Start by tying the end of your twine/wire to the base of your wreath. This will be used to secure your foliage to the frame. Pull the twine towards you and make sure it’s nice and tight. Mossing is possibly my favourite part of the wreath making process. Place your moss in large pieces over your wreath frame, scrunch it into the base and wrap with your wire. It feels so incredibly lovely beneath your hands. If you have spring bulbs in your floral arrangement, these can be added onto the base at this point, nestled into the moss base and secured with your wire.


I like to establish the shape of my wreath by using my focal foliage, and for this, you could use something quite dense and colourful like Apple Blossom. Make sure you are adding your base layer in the same direction each time, overlapping slightly as you go to ensure that no gaps are visible!



Once you have your shape, you can start to add other intricate blooms. One way to do this is by making lots of little bunches and nestling them in amongst your base layer, continuing to secure these in the same direction with your wire each time. The last thing to add are the super delicate stems like grasses. Often, these are the finishing touches that create the magic. They can be poked into the base of the moss wreath, or gently secured with mossing pins.

Now you’ve made your beautiful wreath, all you have left to decide is where it will hang in your home. Traditionally, I love to adorn mine on my front door, however, they also look fabulous when centre-stage on a dining table (perhaps placing a candle in the middle).


We hope this simple guide has inspired you to get creative in nature. We’re firm believers that our gardens are a sanctuary, so make sure yours is one you love with our Outdoors Collection.

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