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Why we love bamboo

Bamboo photo by Bence Balla-Schottner

Bamboo is becoming increasingly popular, both with the eco-conscious seeking to source products made from materials that don’t cost the earth, as well as with the design-savvy, for its rich natural colour, strength and versatility.


Top 3 Reasons We Love Bamboo:


Bamboo is sustainable. It grows without the need for fertilisers or pesticides so it’s an organic product, clean and without the residue of chemicals.

While growing, it produces 35% more oxygen than hardwood trees and because it can grow up to a meter a day, regenerating after 5 years, there is little soil erosion. Best of all it absorbs four times more CO2 than a forest.

Thea Bamboo Dining Table - £130 | Thea Bamboo Folding Chair - £69

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Bamboo Trolley – £350



As a material for furniture, it’s incredibly strong, with a tensile strength stronger than steel.

Bamboo cuts intriguing, elegant shapes when used to make chairs, stools or side tables, and its rich gold and honey colour create a natural palette that can be layered with other colours or used when creating a natural look throughout the home.

Bamboo Ladder – £55


Thea Set of Two Tall Bamboo Tables – £99



But above all else, it’s beautiful.

It’s easy to experiment with bamboo, start with a small piece or two to work into your existing interior look and go from there. You won’t be disappointed.

Bamboo also makes a fantastic bee house, attracting a wide variety of safe and friendly solitary bees who in return for accommodation will pollinate your garden plants.

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