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Moon Magic | Why lunar living has become so popular

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With the uncertainty of recent times, more people have been turning to astrology for answers and moon-mapping has gone mainstream. But what is it exactly? Put simply, it’s a way of using the 8 phases of the moon as a means for checking in with yourself, setting goals and manifesting your best life. Lunar living encourages us to view life as cyclical, rather than linear, and to tap into nature’s ancient rhythms. The idea is that, through connecting with the wisdom and power of the moon, we can rediscover our own instincts and intuition. We can release what is no longer serving us and bring in more of what we want. Connecting with the 4.1-billion-year-old moon in this way is a fantastic reminder that we are all part of something bigger and greater than ourselves and that we can tap into this celestial energy at any time.

That all sounds great but how do you do it?

Each moon phase lasts about 3.5 days and is associated with a particular energy. You can use the lessons of this energy in your own life in order to propel you forwards towards your dreams. Below, we’ll explain how to approach each phase.

The dark moon

When the moon is so small it is barely visible in the sky this is the dark moon: the ending that creates the beginning. This is the lowest energetic point of the lunar cycle and will be the most emotional. It’s a time to go inward and retreat from life in order to allow yourself to look at those deeper emotional layers. Embrace your anxieties and fears and ask yourself what they are trying to teach you. Reflect on what you don’t want in your life anymore. Take long hot baths and be very kind to yourself during this time.

The new moon

When the sun, moon and earth all line up in the sky and the moon appears to disappear, this is the new moon – a time of new beginnings and fresh starts. Take what you’ve learned from the dark moon phase and now start to think about what you do want more of in your life.

The waxing crescent moon

The first slither of the moon in the sky in the waxing crescent. This is the action part of the lunar cycle. Now you know what you want, it’s time to start putting things into motion. That might mean applying for that dream job, standing up for yourself at work, asking for a promotion, hitting the gym… whatever it is you want, it’s time to start reaching out and grabbing it.

The first quarter moon

When the moon gets brighter and we see exactly half of the moon illuminated in the sky, this is the first quarter moon. This is the part of the lunar cycle where everything comes together. Allow yourself to be guided and embrace every chance that comes your way.

Waxing gibbous moon

When the moon looks almost full, this is the waxing gibbous phase. Our energy levels are growing with this part of the lunar cycle. We can refine and clarify our ideas here. It’s the time to put those last things into place in order to hit that goal you set. Give everything a final push and notice where you’ve slipped out of good habits.

Full moon

When the moon is bright and full, it brings our emotions up to the surface. It’s a time of celebration but also of anger. Celebrate what you have achieved. If there’s anything you haven’t done, work out why. Did you get in your own way? Empowerment comes from learning how you failed and how to avoid this in future.

Waning gibbous moon

When the moon loses a bit of light after the full moon it enters the waning gibbous stage. This is a good time to reflect on what has got in your way and have any difficult conversations you need to. Untangle yourself from the situations and people that have been keeping you small.

Waning last quarter

When we see half of the moon in the sky again, this is the waning last quarter. This is the time to surrender and release negative emotions. Do some positive affirmations. It’s a great time to journal and check in with what has worked/what happened before the next dark moon and repeating the cycle all over again!

Where to start for a beginner

Using the moon phases to enact positive change in your life can be very powerful and you’ll start to see amazing shifts. However, eight phases is a lot to begin with. Start simply with the new moon and the full moon. Use the new moon to set intentions and the full moon to check in and see if you’ve achieved these goals. Yes? Celebrate them! No? Notice where you’re blocked so you can break old patterns. Set small intentions first and allow yourself to have small wins. Gradually you’ll be able to manifest bigger changes. You’ll be amazed at how life changing working with the moon can be. Why not give it a try?

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