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By the Light of the Moon | A Guide to Lunar Gardening

By the Light of the Moon | A Guide to Lunar Gardening

Lunar gardening channels the power of the moon to grow stronger, healthier and more pest-resistant plants. This holistic approach to gardening focuses on the relationship between the phases of the moon and the gravitational pull that affects the moisture content in the soil. By understanding this it allows us to better predict growth patterns and tunes into our desire to harmonise with nature to better benefit the earth. It may sound like folklore but this is an old tradition dating back centuries; the first lunar planting guide was written in the middle ages and farmers and gardeners still adhere to these same beliefs and practices today.



The moon has four phases or ‘quarters’, each lasting about seven days. In the first two quarters, the moon is more visible, this is called a waxing moon.  As the ‘new’ dark moon gets bigger, it gets brighter and moisture is pulled to the surface of the soil until it reaches a full moon when the nights will be brighter and the soil will be most saturated. Plant leafy produce that bears crops above ground, such as courgette and tomatoes, during this time to stimulate leaf growth and any seeds already in the soil at this time will absorb more water for better-established plants.

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The time between the full Moon and the new Moon is called the waning moon. As light decreases, the water retreats from the topsoil down to the roots and bulbs. This is a great time to plant those that bear crops below ground like onions, carrots and potatoes. Any fertiliser distributed at this time will be pulled down deeper encouraging a wider and more even dispersal. This means you can use less fertiliser for reduced build-up and run off, which is great for wildlife and for the overall health of the soil.

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During the moon’s final phase, moonlight is at its dimmest and the gravitational pull is at its lowest point so the water table recedes right back. This means that your garden goes into rest, and so can you. Perhaps take this time to prune or do garden chores. Or you can put down the tools, sit back and enjoy your garden, brimming with life by the light of the moon.


We hope you’re feeling enlightened with this magical, alternative approach to gardening. At G&G we believe that your garden is an extension of your home and should be somewhere you love to relax and entertain. Transform yours into a sanctuary with our beautiful outdoors collection.

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