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Biophilic Design | Embrace the mood-boosting trend

Biophilic Design | Embrace the mood-boosting trend

Despite being first articulated 30 years ago by renowned biologist E.O Wilson, the biophilic trend has flourished in recent years; perhaps as a response to our increased time indoors and reduced contact with nature. It focuses on incorporating elements of the natural world into architecture and interior spaces, boosting our mental well-being and reducing stress. Discover five simple ways to bring a little wilderness into your home.



House plants are the easiest way to bring nature into your home and they have the added benefit of also purifying your air. Species such as Peace Lily’s, Ferns and Snake Plants remove harmful toxins and raise humidity and oxygen levels in a room. Studies have shown that having even brief exposure to plants, such as watering or touching their foliage, can elicit an unconscious restorative effect. Watching them grow and blossom is also hugely satisfying.

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Foliage isn’t the only thing to enhance our connection with nature, placing naturally derived textures in your home will too. Furniture made from jute, rattan or mango wood is not only sustainable but beautiful, and the muted tones can make a room feel peaceful and serene. The open weave of rattan lets light flood through, so placing a chair or lampshade beside a window will leave pretty sun reflections on your walls and floors. We’d encourage pairing your furniture with bamboo, seagrass or terracotta for an even more organic, earthy feel.


Nature-inspired homewares can give us the same sensory variation we experience in the wild, particularly when the shapes and curves mimic those of trees, landscapes and water. Bring the feel of a cosy log cabin into your home with woodland materials, such as coasters carved from solid oak. Or, recreate the feel of a beach hut by including plenty of raffia and cane. Hanging art that resembles botanicals or views can instantly transport your imagination to far-flung corners of the world.



Green is a colour that is dominated in nature, symbolising growth and refreshment. Recent studies have also shown that its presence can reduce our heart rate and blood pressure. There are many ways to incorporate the colour into your home, you could start small with a throw and lamp for example. Painting the walls green in an office creates a calming space that stimulates creativity, whilst a gorgeous armchair will make your sitting room feel like a sanctuary.


Out of all the senses, smell is known to most powerfully trigger emotions and memories. So, placing natural scents around the house can inspire positive attributions and nostalgia. Lavender’s delicate, sweet smell is perfect as a candle on your bedside table, while a fresh diffuser with seaweed or fig is uplifting in a sitting room. Sea salt is a joyful reminder of days by the coast, prompting happy associations and boosting your mood (until you can get to the real thing, of course).


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