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Five easy autumn home styling tips

There’s something deeply grounding about autumn. The last of the harvest is collected. Root vegetables come into season. Nature’s colours deepen. It’s a time of bonfires, fireworks, tricks and treats. But it’s also a time of reflection and recuperation. Like the trees, we shed what no longer serves us and conserve energy for the colder months ahead. We’ve got five easy Autumn Home Styling Tips to help you create a cosy snug for the colder months ahead. Make your home a place to unwind this season. For our homes are as alive as we are and should shift, just as we do, in order to become what we need in autumn – an authentic place to return home to ourselves.

A place where we can hunker down and reflect on all that we have been and all that we are becoming. Where we can tell our stories by the fireside, play games and curl up with the old stories of others in armchairs. A place to share hearty, nourishing meals around a table with those we love. Autumn is a time to appreciate the simple and most important pleasures in life – the sustaining beauty of nature, the joy of family and the enduring comfort of home.

1. Layer Textiles

Just as you dig out coats and scarves at this time of year, it’s important to bolster your home with lots of lovely, soft, warm layers to snuggle up in. Think rugs, throws, quilts and cushions. The more the better. As well as adding warmth, textiles are an easy way to introduce new colour schemes and patterns into a room. For a cocoon-like feeling opt for luxurious materials such as velvet and sheepskin in darker tones. If it’s tranquility you need, choose softer colours and texture. Pastels, natural linens and pared-back flatweave rugs will all add a calming, muted feel.

2. Choose Autumn Colours

Take your colour inspiration from the best artist there is – Mother Nature. Emulate her hues at this time of year by bringing sunset shades and forest tones into your home. Warm, natural, earthy tones like ochre, green, brown, gold and sienna work great. Just as in nature, balance is key here, so don’t overdo it. Instead, combine these warmer colours with cooler greys and soft pastels for a calm as well as cosy feel. A few dashes of gold, like the gold of leaves against a slate grey sky, are a fantastic way to give a room a lovely feeling of luxe. If you’re unsure of which direction to go in, our Instagram has lots of lovely inspiration for you. Our main advice is to choose colours that resonate with you and that complement what you already have.

3. Bring the Outside In

We all know that bringing natural elements into our homes helps to ground and uplift us. While this is harder to do in the colder months, there are little touches you can bring in, such as nature-inspired placemats and coasters that will help you feel more connected to the outside world. Dried flowers are perfect for autumn and a sustainable way to add winter florals to your table. Again, the trick here is to opt for sunset shades and autumnal tones such as ochre, mustard and marigold. Display your arrangements in amber or clear jars for simple elegance. Or, for a more dramatic look, opt for huge bunches of darker foliage and sculptural vases. We love our faux grass for it’s soft texture and organic feel. Bamboo works great too, as do potted plants (real or faux). You can even incorporate some jungle prints for a little autumn escapism.

Top Tip

Each day, fling open your windows and let fresh air into your home. People forget to do this in the colder months. Not only is it important for health reasons but it’s a refreshing way to blow away the cobwebs and start the day in a good mood.

4. Lighting is Everything

Whether you suffer from S.A.D. or not, autumn is the time to bring more soft lighting into your home. Cover or replace any exposed bulbs with wall lights and sconces. Think about upgrading your ceiling lights and shades too. Try adding new lighting options, such as table lamps and floor lamps, in different parts of your rooms and see how this completely transforms the feel of your home. Or go for some wild escapism with our fun animal lighting options.

Candles and candleholders are an essential element of all autumn evenings. They instantly create a relaxed and cosy atmosphere. Try mixing different styles of candles together. A spectrum of colour is always great. You can create symmetry on your table by grouping three or four tall candles with lower-level tea lights. Candleholders with sculptural touches add lovely points of interest to a room too. Or else keep it simple and elegant with tapered candles.

5. A Comfortable Place to Unwind

To help make your home a place you feel relaxed, reassess the areas where you relax. Are you happy with your current dining table? Would more cushions make a window seat more inviting during the colder months? Have you thought about a stylish drinks trolley or bar cart for elevating your signature at-home cocktails? If you have a fireplace or wood-burner, now is the time to stock up on firewood and make sure your fireside is a cosy place for everyone in your household to gather. Footstools, ottomans, pouffes and bean bags grouped around the hearth will make it an inviting place to linger. Make sure you have that perfect cosy armchair where you can recuperate and count your blessings during autumn, both the both ones and the small.

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