About Us

I have always loved travelling, as a child I had a Grandparent who lived in Cairo and a Great Uncle who was Times Correspondent in Morocco. The family house was full of Persion rugs, beautiful furniture and paintings and exotic ceramics and textiles brought back from Morocco and the Far East. I became inspired by interior design from a very early age.

We opened our first shop in Notting Hill in 1974, and since then Graham and Green has expanded from humble beginnings to a delightfully identifiable, British establishment. Today, we have 2 beautiful shops, four catalogues each year and an online store.

I have fond memories of travelling to buy kelims and rugs in Istanbul in fur lined boots in the freezing, but hospitable carpet warehouses and during a very cold weekend in Beijing we went to the farmers market to discover a girl selling beautiful traditional Chinese lanterns. She was the daughter of a well known actor in the National Theatre and lantern making was the family’s way of supplementing his income! We placed a small order at first, but we have been ordering regularly since then. That is exactly why I love doing what we do, forging relationships on chance meetings and bringing beautiful things back for others to enjoy.

My son, Jamie studied furniture design and I am pleased he now works as our Creative Director. Jamie loves to draw upon his love of the 1930's, 40’s and 50's and many of the coveted pieces in our collection are inspired by Jamie’s own love of interior design. He and his wife Louise, our Brand Manager are avid travellers and it will be their vision and love of interior design which will ultimately shape the future of our company, it’s all very exciting.

We like to think that our customers care about their surroundings as much as they care about their clothes and how they look. It’s a lifestyle. A contemporary mix of old and new, things brought home from travels abroad, memories of people dear, put together in an interesting way so that it works and provides a peaceful and inspiring background for today’s busy life.

I would like our style to be global, glamorous, individual and hopefully life-enhancing!”


Antonia Graham
Founder of Graham and Green