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Wall Lights & Wall Sconces

Wall lights & wall sconces

This season is about all things bright and beautiful, after all it is spring and so as the nights get longer outside why not create the same effect inside with the use of wall lights & wall sconces?

A good lighting scheme throughout your house will not only look stunning, but it can also dramatically affect the atmosphere and mood of each individual room in your house- from the kitchen to the bedroom.

Emulate light throughout every room of your house with the help of Graham & Greens wall lights and wall sconces. From the demure and subtle, to the sleek and stylish to those perfect for any outdoor scene, we offer it all!

Top tip: wall lights and wall sconces accompanied by shiny surfaces and mirrors will ensure that your chosen room looks bigger and brighter. Mirrors and reflective surfaces can work wonders in any small space, allowing wall lighting to bounce around the room.

For high illumination, ideal for any home office or living area the Black Task Short Wall fits the bill perfectly. This British classic focuses light just where it is needed. Solid, stable and flexible this design masterpiece can be angled to face wherever it is you wish to go.

Graham & Green love the fabulous Hector Frill Wall Lights. Designed with only style in mind, the Hector Frill Wall Lights are a classic blend of traditional design meets modern functionality. Their retro bone china pleated shades, ceramic bases and old fashioned cotton braided-flex means that they would look perfect in any style of home; modern or traditional.

As the nights draw longer and the spring appears we are all hoping for the chance to get outside a bit more, and now you can with the help of Graham & Green’s Cream Fishing Light. Ideal to light up those outdoor barbeques and garden parties these stunning outdoor lights mix elegance, style and durability.


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