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Tolix Chairs and Stools

If you are looking for cult pieces of furniture to decorate your home, view our range of Tolix Chairs and Stools from Graham and Green.

The model A Chair from Tolix has become a complete design icon. Since 1934, this particular design has become incredibly popular and has been placed in a number of Design Museums. This chair has been designed and produced from one piece of sheet metal, which makes the chair sturdy, light and easy to maintain and stack.

The inventor of the Tolix range, Xavier Pauchard was a pioneer in galvanization. His vision to create furniture which was comfortable, rust proof, robust and stackable, meant you would find Tolix chairs across the country in warehouses, offices and factories as well as hospitals and outside on café terraces. The Tolix Chair has been produced since 1927 and had been given a breath of fresh air in the last 5 years.

The Tolix range is incredibly popular with adults and children, and you can own a piece of iconic design in your home.

The Short Metal Bar Stools come in white or steel and are perfect for exterior use, as is all of our Tolix range. The Tolix armchair has armrests on both sides, which curve around the body to provide a comfortable yet robust chair.

We also offer the Tolix Café chair and Tolix Tall Metal Bar Stools which are perfect for a breakfast bar or outdoor drinks bar.

Tolix is also a great range to invest in if you are minimal on space, as they stack neatly.

This is a fantastic contemporary high design range of furniture. If you’ want to create that sense of Parisian Style from the 1940’s or need some pieces to really bring to life the interior and décor, choose Chairs and Stools from Tolix, stocked here at Graham and Green.

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