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Whether you are planning on hosting a dinner party, a garden party, a barbeque or whether you are just looking to update your current tableware, we have a vast collection of tableware that will suit all occasions. From place settings, to crockery to cutlery; we have it all!

Bright colours highlight the return of spring and nothing in our Graham & Green tableware collection is brighter than the Melamine range. This colourful collection of plates, beakers, bowls and all manner of other tableware is perfect for those summer garden parties that are to brace us over the forthcoming months.

The Rob Ryan Four Seasons Set of 4 plate’s collection is playful yet stunningly functional. The plates are part of the internationally renowned paper-cut and screen print artist’s collection for Graham & Green. The plates illustrate four trees over four seasons making them perfect table accessory for any time of the year!

For dinner party decadence, here Graham & Green we love the unique designs of our exquisitely designed Crown Place Card Holders and our Round Silver Beaded Coasters & Placemats.

Make breakfast time a fun affair with our collection of breakfast tableware. Our Egg Cup Set- ‘What Came First the Chicken or the Egg’ is the perfect accompaniment to any dippy egg and soldiers. Part of the ‘Word Cookshop’ collection by Keith Brymer Jones this set of four egg cups is quirky and fun yet elegantly sophisticated at the same time. Equally as fun for the children is the Charlie and Lola Breakfast Set. This beautifully illustrated set comes complete with a plate, bowl, mug and egg cup.

From the bright and colourful, to the sophisticated and elegant, to the items perfect for big and small kids alike; Graham & Green sets your table for you!


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