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String Lights & Fairy Lights

String lights

You don’t have to venture down to Oxford Street at Christmas to see beautiful bright lights; no instead all you need is a set of string lights. Whether it be Christmas time or not, string lights can add that special something to a room. From decorating your child’s bedroom with brightly coloured lights, to making a centrepiece out of your mantel to decorating your garden during a summer barbeque, string lights can be used for many different functions and occasions.

Our colourfully fun and funky Snowball Party Lights and Mexican Fairy Lights are the perfect accent to liven and brighten up any room or party during the coming summer months.

To add a touch of spring florals to your home this season, our Illuminated Rose String Lights are just perfect. These enchanting rose lights are both decorative and versatile and would look perfect draped over a mantel piece or weaved around your garden tressel during barbeque season!

To create a delicate yet eye catching centrepiece our Maroq Metal String Lights are truly beautiful. They can be placed in a bowl or vase to create a focal point or alternatively they can be draped across any item of furniture to add elegance and glamour.

I know we have only just passed it and you probably don’t want to think about it for at least another six months, but decorative string lights are perfect for the magical time that is Christmas. Our Ice Glamour String of Lights and Ice Cluster lights are the perfect accompaniment to the Christmas tree or mantelpiece during the festive season.

Whether you are looking for a fun and quirky way to brighten up your home, a decorative touch to add to your garden party or the perfect lights for the festive season; Graham & Green offer a set of String Lights to serve any function and occasion!

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