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Sideboards & Wardrobes

Wardrobes & Sideboards

As in ‘The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe’, your wardrobe is much more than just a storage capsule. It is also a place where magic occurs, granted we cannot transport you to Narnia, but we can ensure that your wardrobe creates the desired magic for you, all you have to do is bring the clothes. As with your wardrobes, sideboards are just as essential to the storage of your favourite items of clothing and accessories.

Graham & Green we have hand-picked only the best in wardrobes and sideboards for you, your clothes and your home. From stunningly elegant wardrobes, to timelessly antique-styled armoires to modern-mirrored-sideboards, we offer something for every style.

Our wardrobes and sideboards aren’t just suited to the bedroom; these beautifully made pieces of furniture would look no less than perfect in any room of the house. Our stylish yet functional Larkin Pine Sideboard is ideal in a busy family kitchen, whereas our Embossed White Metal Cupboard would be an ideally beautiful accompaniment to any modern or authentic bathroom.

We are very excited about our new Shenzhen furniture collection. My personal favourite item from the collection is the Shenzhen 24 Drawer Chinese Medicine Chest. The chest itself is finished in black with softer brown wood edges; it also has Chinese inspired ring handles, making it authentic in look and style. This beautifully crafted sideboard is the ultimate in nik-nak storage.

So, whether you’re looking for somewhere to store your vast collection of clothing and accessories, bathroom essentials, kitchen utensils or just general nik-nak’s or are just looking for a piece of furniture to add that special something to a room, Graham & Green rise to any occasion with our unique collection of wardrobes and sideboards!

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