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Rugs & Animal Skins

Rugs & Animal Skins

There are many changes that can be made in order to alter the appearance of a room, however, no change comes with as much underfoot comfort as a rug or mat. As well as adding style, a rug or mat also has the added bonus of that ‘ahh’ factor when you bare-footedly walk over it.

As well as offering comfort and style a rug or mat can also contribute to the warmth of a room. If you have hard wood flooring or tiles then the space may feel vast and bare, but by adding a rug or mat you will instantly draw the room in and make it feel and look warmer

A rug or mat can add a focal point to an otherwise dull space. An interesting, beautiful or patterned rug can become the main point of focus and conversation!

Liven up a plain floor with our Zebra Printed Cow Skin Rug. This strikingly designed rug has silky markings that are soft underfoot as well as being sublimely stylish to the eye. Alternatively, a graphic patterned rug such as our Patchwork Cowhide Runners will jazz up any room.

Graham & Green has recently fallen head over heels in love with our collection of Reindeer Rugs. These stunningly soft rugs offer only the best in luxury for your feet and are sure to add that special something to any room of your home.

If you’re more eco warrior, however, then our collection of Recycled Leather Rugs are perfect for you. This contemporary style of rug is made from recycled bits of leather and will offer the perfect centrepiece to any room.

So go on, why not enter a world of opulence and indulgence with rich textures, cosy comforts and superb style with our Graham & Green rug & animal skin collection!

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