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Gold Gilded Letters

Wall letters are all the rage at the moment, and why not; they allow your walls to have a voice, a character. You can really let your imagination go wild in terms of words, quotes and sayings that you use. Graham & Green's collection of Decorations & Wall Art including POSH Graffiti Gold Gilded Letters and POSH Graffiti Gold Gilded Symbols will ensure that your walls are decorated with love when you create your very own script onto them. These stunningly glamorous letters and symbols have been hand carved from albesia wood and gold gilded.

Decorative Wall letters are the perfect decoration for a nursery, bedroom, kitchen, living room and virtually any room in the house. Why not revel in romance in the bedroom, we have seen many examples of this, couples who have their initials, names or the word ‘love’ above their bed. Alternatively, these wall letters would look perfect on any child to teenager’s bedroom door or wall, for that personal touch.

Why not turn your walls into works of art as well as a conversation piece with our fabulous collection of decorations & wall art, our POSH Graffiti Gold Gilded Letters and Symbols will add fun, glamour and style to any room in any home!

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