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French Furniture

Lavish yourself in a range of regal furniture seemingly straight from the Palace of Versailles and the era of luxury and aristocracy.

These handmade pieces of furniture covered in silk and damask, with floral, cabriole legs and hand finished in gold leaf, really make a bold statement piece in your home. 

During the 1700’s regency furniture would have only been found in the homes of the wealthy and royal, but today you can own such pieces as the Charleston King Side Silver leaf bed, or the Chantel Crystal Drop Chandelier. Thanks to Graham and Green, everyone can own a piece of France in their homes.

Indulge in the opulence of French Regal style furniture from Graham and Green, and make statements in every room of your home.

If the Regency period is too much and you’re looking for a more subdued classical look, go for the more modern Amelie collection which has a distinct French feel with curved legs and mirrored top and sides. You’ll find a Console Table, Dressing Table and Stool, Bedside Table, Coffee Table and Side Table in the Amelie collection.

Accessorize the home with old chic pieces like our Oversized French Pocket Watch, crate a private corner for relaxing or dressing in the bedroom with our beautiful Hand Carved Wooden Decorative Screen, and like one of the favourite French pass times, dine on this striking Elm Table and Bench Set, or if the weather is fine, al fresco on our Tolix Classic French Café Chairs. Adorn the table with beautiful, colourful accessories, for outdoors chooses our bright Melamine Crockery and for indoor, classic white Porcelain can be dressed as you wish.

City or Country living can be enhanced with French style furniture and accessories from Graham and Green whether it’s opulent regency style or classic 50’s.

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