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Floor Mirrors

Floor Mirrors

Floor mirrors are a great accessory to use in any room of the house. In the bedroom they act as viewing capsules to twirl and whirl in front of, in the hall way they are used to elongate a narrow space and in the bathroom they are used to widen what is often the smallest room of the house. As well as the following, mirrors can also be used to add light to your home.

Floor mirrors really allow us to see our whole selves in our entire beauty. We believe that Cleo Moore got it right when she stated that “I usually use myself as a model, posing in front of a mirror as I dab the stroked on the canvas”. This is exactly what we do with the use of floor mirrors is it not?

Graham & Green has a vast selection of stunningly unique floor mirrors. From the functional, to the elegant and traditional to modern marvels that will accentuate any space; small, medium or large, we really do offer the perfect floor mirror that will reflect your new outfit or stunning room as you desire it to.

If you wanted to create a focal point in your house then our bestselling Embossed White Metal Scalloped Mirror is the perfect accessory. This stunningly authentic floor mirror has been hand-crafted in India and has intricate embossed detailing on the frame as well as a beautiful scalloped crown. If you wanted to create an ongoing theme in your house then this mirror also comes in the style of an over mantle mirror and wall mirror.

Alternatively, the ever popular Faux Snakeskin Floor Mirror is a gorgeously unique addition to any modern home. Hand-bound in soft, cream faux snakeskin this piece really will create the perfect backdrop for you to view your new outfit in.

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