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Floor Lamps

Floor lamps

If you don’t have a large space but want to create the illusion that you do then floor lamps are for you. Illuminate stylish surroundings with the help of overhead lighting. After all, its lights, camera, action in your living space with Graham & Greens collection of floor lamps.

Floor lamps are very popular as they can be placed pretty much anywhere, in any small corner of every room, without the use of a table. They also provide soft lighting of which can make your reading time or chill out time more relaxed.

When choosing your floor lamp it is essential that you consider what function your floor lamp will play in lighting up your chosen room. How much light will you need? Do you need direct light or would you prefer softer lighting? Is your aim to illuminate a specific decorative piece of home furniture or home accessory? With all of these questions taken in to mind and answered may I introduce to you Graham & Green’s collection of floor lamps?

From those that spotlight, to those that illuminate, to those that relax; we offer a floor lamp for every individual function as well as every style of home. Form the bold, to the dramatic, to the quaint, we really do offer it all!

New to Graham & Green this season the Iris Nickel Floor Lamp is simply stunning. This beautiful lamp is made up of sixteen individual egg nickel and would be the perfect accompaniment to any living or bedroom space. Alternatively our 50s style Tripod Floor Lamp with its sleek appearance and modern theme would be perfectly suited to any modern interiors or home office.

If you really wanted to put your chosen room under the spotlight then the Atlas Giant Floor Lamp is perfectly suited. This lamp really is the king of all lights and is the perfect task lamp for any room in any style of home.

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