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A fireplace is an asset in any given space, from roaring log fires to decorative displays, there is no doubt that a fireplace adds beauty, drama and elegance to a home. So why not enhance that beauty and make the most of your fireplace with the use of subtle fireside accessories.

Dressing up that already beautiful fireplace with added fireside accessories will ensure that you make the most out of your stunning asset; we are here to help with this process. We offer an extensive range of stunningly high quality fireside accessories that are beautifully ornamental as well as tactile and functional. From log baskets and kindle buckets to stunningly designed fireguards, we offer the perfect companions for any fireplace.

Take a tip from Scandinavian homes and make log storage a neighbouring feature to your roaring fireplace. Simply add a Circular Log Basket or Willow Basket alongside your fire; it looks stunningly authentic plus it comes with the functional advantage that you will never have to rummage around in a cold shed for firewood, late at night again.

For the ultra modern home, our glass fireguards will fit right in. Our Curved Clear Glass Fireguard is stylish and attractive as well as practical for safety reasons. We love the sweeping, smooth curve of the guard and believe that it will add that special something to any roaring fire. The perfect accompaniment to this stunning fireguard is our stunning yet functional stainless steel fireside tool set. Each set comprises of the essentials: sweeping brush, tongs, dustpan, poker and stand.

Together, Graham & Green’s stunningly beautiful fireside accessories will further enhance the pleasure of using your real fire as well as being essential for the upkeep and tidiness of your fireplace!

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