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Coat Hooks

In the same way that a beautiful pair of new shoes can change the whole look of an outfit, decorative hooks can transform your home into a more sleek and stylish space, not to mention functional. This philosophy may sound simple but think about what you hang upon hooks and then embrace them into your home.

Hooks are where we hang our favourite items, from our delicate nightgowns that we hang upon bathroom hooks, to pretty items that we have displayed for visitors to view, we rely on hooks a lot more than we think, so why not make those hooks beautiful in their own right?

Hooks in the bathroom are a common sight, however, they don’t have to just be plain and boring, no instead why not make them decorative and pretty. Decorative hooks such as our Antiqued Gold Double Hooks or our Mirrored Bird Hooks can add a vintage touch to this relaxing room. Not only are they functional for hanging your dressing robe and towels on, but they also add a discreet accent of slender beauty to your bathroom.

A hallway is of course the obvious place to site hooks; for the function of hanging up coats and keys to the decorative reason of the fact that it is the first room that guests enter when visiting. Our Express Coat Rack will add a touch of vintage sheek to your hallway whereas our numbered hooks will bring a little fun into your home.

Make your dog really feel like part of the family with its very own Aluminium Dog Lead Hook. This hook will make sure that you always know where your dogs lead is as well as ensuring that ‘walkies’ remains a stress free time

There are so many functions to our hooks, from the decorative to the practical to the necessary; we have a hook for every need!

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