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Clocks & Telephones


Just because ‘clocks’ are primarily functional items it doesn’t mean that they can’t also be stylish. Essentially the one thing that is found inside mostly every house is of course the clock. From a wall clock, to an alarm clock to an elaborate grandfather clock, the chances are most homes have one!

Different clocks in different rooms are needed to serve different functions. Sounds complicated, but if you think about it it’s true. In your office there will be times when you need to know the date, so a clock with a date and time function would be best here. Whilst in the kitchen at breakfast time, you of course need to keep an eye on the clock as to get the children to school on time or to prevent you from being late for work. Your bedroom is a place of relaxation, a place where ‘clock-watching’ is prohibited so a wall clock is probably not the best here; however you will need an alarm clock to get you up in the morning. It is essential as well as beneficial to assess the time-telling needs of each room and then you can choose a clock accordingly.

As much as your clock may be serving its function of telling the time is it serving its other function; style?

Graham & Green has an extensive range of clocks, suitable for all different functions and styles of a room. Our Large Vintage Station Clock will ensure that you are never late again. Its design is reminiscent of the 1950s and its style will be sure to add character to any room in your house.

New to Graham & Green is the Red Oval Clock. This oversized French styled pocket watch for your wall has quaint charm as well as an antiqued feel to it, perfect to add character to any wall.

Make answering the phone a fun affair with the help of a funky, retro or stylish telephone. Whether you are looking for something to brighten up your otherwise drab home office, an item that is sleek and slender or even a focal point in a room then look no further than Graham & Greens collection of Telephones.

Impress your clients with our ever popular 50s style Dreyfuss 500 Phone. This retro item is available in brushed chrome, black and white and will be sure to set your home or work office apart from the rest. Alternatively our ScandiPhone would look sleek, sophisticated and stylish in whatever room of the house you decide to put it in. Originally introduced back in the 1960s this sleek and stylish item is somewhat of a design classic and will create a real talking point in your home (excuse the pun).

Functional yet stylish; it has to be a Graham & Green clock!

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