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Candle Holders & Candelabras

Candle Holders

With a busy work schedule it can often seem as though our homes are only used to sleep, eat and wash in, instead of a place where we relax; our very own retreat. Graham & Green cannot help you with your busy schedule but we can aid you in turning your home into a warm, relaxing and cosy retreat, perfect for those ‘put your feet up moments’.

There are many ways to add warmth and cosiness to yourself and your home, however, one of the most simple and most effective ways is to incorporate candles into various rooms throughout your home. Candles cleverly placed in beautiful candle holders can really add the illusion of warmth to any space.

Graham & Green offer you many beautiful candle holders of which to hold your warming and relaxing candles in. From the romantic, to the classic to the decorative, we have a candle holder to suit every occasion and mood.

Your home should be viewed as a place of relaxation, a place you go to shut off from the rest of the world, a place of your very own. And so whether you are setting the mood for a romantic night in, or just curling up with a good book, the use of candles can really alter the mood of your bedroom. For a cosy night in with a good book our Kyto Paper Candle Holders are perfect. These Japanese inspired paper candle holders offer an air of ambiance whilst at the same time providing enough light for you read your favourite book under. Alternatively why not revel in romance with our Birch Wooden Candle Holders. These rustic candle holders with heart shaped cut outs will ensure that love really will be in the air.

So go on, warm yourself and your home with the help of candles and candle holders!

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