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Bone Inlay Furniture

The most marvellously stunning furniture collection has recently graced us with its presence at Graham & Green. The Bone Inlay Furniture Collection is simply stunning yet beautifully unique and is sure to light up any home!

A beautifully designed and hand-crafted furniture collection that is always ready to light up your home is not so easy to come by nowadays. Many love fresh, white furniture, many love classically traditional dark wood furniture and many love the modern aluminium and glass style furniture. Whatever it is that you love, the Bone Inlay Furniture collection is sure to add that special touch to any style of home.

The Bone Inlay Furniture Collection really is something to be celebrated. Each piece of furniture that appears in the collection has been hand-crafted, over many weeks, in India. This consistent, dedicated and stunningly beautiful craftsmanship means that each piece of furniture from the range is unique and individual.

 The striking detailing that appears on every piece of the collection is a result of many pieces of individually sourced camel bone being skilfully inlayed, carved and fixed into black resin on a wooden frame in order to create the stunning floral effect of the furniture. Each piece of furniture is then finished off with a Graham & Green Crystal Glass Drawer Knob or a Hand Carved Bone Drawer Knob.

The Bone Inlay Furniture Collection is one of Graham & Green’s most favoured collections. This is perhaps because each piece of the collection is special in its own right, or perhaps it is due to the collections individuality. Whatever the reason may be; the Graham & Green Bone Inlay Furniture Collection is truly magnificent.

Add a touch of magic to any bedroom, bathroom or living space with the help of Graham & Green’s Bone & Inlay Furniture Collection. We can guarantee that this furniture will be the talk of your friends, in fact you may get more visitors than you bargained for once word gets around!

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