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Dressing Table Mirrors

Dressing Table Mirrors

When it comes to the bedroom, the epitome of femininity and decadence is of course the dressing table and the all important mirror that sits upon it. It is the place where a woman makes herself feel like a princess, a place where one perfects her look and takes in her beauty. We believe that the famous poet Rabindranath Tagore got it right when he quoted that “beauty is truths smile when she beholds her own face in a perfect mirror”.

Graham & Green offers dressing table mirrors to suit every style of bedroom as well as every reflection. From timeless elegance, to vintage glamour, to art deco pieces; our dressing table mirror collection really is something to behold. So why not make an occasion out of putting your make-up on in the morning with a stunning dressing table mirror?

Our best selling Clarissa Triple Dressing Table Mirror offers classic decadence at its best. The beautiful curved top and sides of the mirror are reminiscent of the classic style of the 1940s and the mirror is the perfect accompaniment to the Clarissa Dressing Table.

To add a touch of vintage glamour to your dressing table, our Gold & Cream Carved Wood Mirror is superbly stunning. This hand-crafted, gold gilt trimmed wooden mirror is the perfect accessory to any dressing table and its stand alone appearance is bound to add glamour to any bedroom.

From classic elegance to vintage glamour, to everything in-between; our collection of dressing table mirrors, will soon have you asking the question to the classic saying “mirror, mirror on the wall (dressing table) who is the fairest of them all”. And with no hesitation at all you will know that the fairest of them all is you!

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