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Kitchen accessories

When it comes to accessorising your kitchen, you obviously want to create the right style for your theme, however, you also want to invest in the right options for your cooking and dining equipment so that you’re most hard working components will last a lifetime!

Well don’t fear, Graham & Green offers only the best in kitchen accessories that will both serve their function as well as adding a decorative feel to your kitchen space. From the kitchen basics to the kitchen necessities, we offer it all.

Make a style statement at any meal time with the help of Images D’Orient Table Top Accessories. This stunning set is both vintage and futuristic; the inspiration behind these designs is past civilisations meaning that these delectable accessories will suit any style of kitchen.

Put an end to unruly sauce spillages on your surfaces with our Spoon Rest. The perfect resting place between stirs this simple yet effective spoon rest will ensure that mess is kept at a minimum during the cooking process.

Ensure that Sunday’s breakfast in bed is enjoyed in pure luxury with our Gold Hand Carved Tray. Alternatively our Animal Motif Trays will add a little fun to those sofa mealtimes and garden picnics.

Keep waste neat and tidy before the composting process with our handy Clay Compost Bucket’s. Available in two different styles, these buckets will sit neatly on your work surfaces and can be emptied straight onto your compost heap meaning that your waste is kept at a minimum and you don’t have to do that late night skit in the dark to the end of the garden.

From the necessities to the decorative accents, we offer all manners of kitchen accessories for you, your kitchen and in turn your home, making that enjoyable room even more enjoyable!

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